Inspiring Personal & Professional Resilience

Is your organisation doing enough to safeguard the wellbeing of employees & the health of your people?

Do you believe in investing in the health & wellness of your team but haven’t found a solution which ticks all the boxes?

Welcome to Resilience Retreats

Resilience Retreats was created by New Zealand’s leading and award winning health and wellness retreat provider, Resolution Retreats, after seeing a need to support organisations in taking care of the wellbeing of their people.

Empower one or more of your team to take time out to reset at New Zealand’s Best Wellness Retreat, whilst attending valuable onsite training focused on building resilience which will benefit your organisation. Join other satisfied organisations whose owners and employees return to work armed with resilience tools and strategies, with a renewed sense of energy, leading to improved performance and productivity.


Our Values

Personal & Professional Resilience

Specific focus on the topics we can no longer ignore. This 3-day retreat package includes workshops on mental health & resilience, stress management, habits, motivation & productivity, sleep & energy, teamwork & confident communication

Send a Clear Signal to your Team

Invest in the wellness of your people. Strengthen, grow, support, replenish, celebrate, recognise, incentivise, or reward your people with a life-changing retreat experience which will deliver results long after the retreat is over

Rest & Re-set

Empower one or more of your team to take time out to re-set at New Zealand’s Best Wellness Retreat. Join other satisfied employers whose employees return to work with a renewed sense of energy, leading to improved performance & productivity

Training & Development

Verifiable CPD hours. Growth which will benefit the individual & also the organisation. Invest in arming your people with valuable education, tools & strategies & reap the rewards of a stronger, more resilient team

Standard or Bespoke Retreats

For one or many, big or small. Join other organisations on one of our standard Resilience Retreat dates & packages, or exclusively tailor a bespoke retreat date, layout & content to meet the needs of an extended team of 20 or more

Mixed or Women Only Retreats

Whether you’re attending as part of an organisation or as an individual, choose from women-only retreat dates, or mixed men & women dates

About us

Resilience Retreats represents an experienced team of executives, professionals, industry experts and caring retreat facilitators who understand the needs of individuals as well as employers and have pulled together a life-changing retreat programme which fosters personal and professional resilience.

“Since we started running health retreats in 2012, we have witnessed many of the long term effects of people not taking proper care of themselves; burnout, stress, sleeplessness, fatigue, weight gain and disease” says Resilience Retreats founder, Chartered Accountant and Ex-CFO Joelene Ranby. “Not only can these manifest in the individual’s ability to ‘bounce back’ personally, but we have also seen the immense cost to families, careers and workplaces. Many organisations are starting to acknowledge this cost too, and we want to support them in being proactive in this area; helping them tick all the boxes in looking after the wellbeing of their people”.

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to help you.

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